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Political corruption saga at Ben May Library

Skulduggery will be afoot in the Ben May Public Library (701 Government St.) on Dec. 3. It will flicker across darkened Bernheim Hall for all to see. “This looks like something out of a Third World country. It’s stunning how deep it all goes,” Steve Wimberly said. The...

Causeway gig gave birth to Delta Smoke

Band: Delta Smoke Date: Friday, Nov. 24, 6 p.m. Venue: Manci’s Antique Club, 1715 Main St. (Daphne), www.mancisantiqueclub.com Tickets: Free Over the past three years, Delta Smoke has spread its homegrown acoustic goodness across the Mobile Bay area. Crowds have been...

Wild Bowl and Sushi offers quick takeout

When the word is on the street, it’s usually a good idea to pay attention to the word. Some people make false claims, some keep their mouths shut and a few simply have no idea what they’re talking about. But most of the time when there is smoke, there is fire. There’s...

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The slow rise and quick fall of GulfQuest

The $60 million GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico closed in November 2016, after just 13 months in operation. Although it reopened with limited hours several months later, Lagniappe's series of news stories, investigations, commentary and reviews raised questions about its feasibility before the doors even opened.

Wastewater treatment crisis

More than 23 million gallons of sewage has spilled in the Mobile-Baldwin county area this year, according to Mobile Baykeeper. In a special series of reports, Lagniappe is exploring why Mobile is struggling with an aging sewer and stormwater infrastructure and how Baldwin County is racing to keep up with explosive population growth.

Mobile Housing Board

Despite plans for multimillion-dollar redevelopment projects, the Mobile Housing Board of Commissioners has been beset by financial shortcomings and dilapidating infrastructure. From reprimands from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a lawsuit from former employees to the recent resignations of a longtime commissioner and executive director, the board has continued with plans to update its affordable housing stock.